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Brain Tumors

There are numerous types of brain tumors, including those that arise from and within the brain, as well as those that may arise from the structures which surround the brain. Brain tumors may be benign or malignant. The proper treatment of brain tumors is determined by the type of tumor, its unique histopathology, and its precise location. Treatment of brain tumors may involve surgery, radiation treatment, chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy.

The JHO has a network of expert neurosurgeons who review every patient’s medical record and brain imaging studies in granular detail. We determine the absolute best neurosurgeon for each patient, as determined by the exact type of tumor, the tumor’s precise location and its relationship to vital structures, as well as the ideal surgical approach. For example, if a tumor would be best treated by a complex microsurgical skull-base surgical approach, the patient is referred to the neurosurgeon who we have identified as having both the most experience as well as the highest success rate utilizing this specific surgical approach/technique. 

The JHO’s network of physicians also includes world-class Radiation Oncologists specializing in the treatment of brain tumors, including the use of IMRT, Gamma Knife, and Proton Beam therapies. Finally, the JHO’s physician network includes world-renowned Neuro-oncologists who are pioneers in the field, and who are able to offer both conventional therapies as well as novel and experimental therapies, including the use of novel chemotherapies, immunotherapies, and gene therapies.