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Pediatric Medical Conditions

JHO is Here to help you

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Angela Adams
Cardiac Surgery
Long term medical conditions affect millions of people around the world. These health conditions can cause incredible discomfort and suffering. The Jewish Health Organization believes that this suffering can be relieved through compassionate medical care and support. JHO strives to provide assistance to people suffering from common medical conditions. Volunteer physicians can provide treatment at no cost for individuals who are facing dire financial circumstances.
Barriers to Care for Common Medical Conditions

Some individuals may face barriers when seeking treatment for common medical conditions. Lack of transportation, insurance coverage gaps and limited income can cause individuals to delay or forgo health care. Mental health and developmental issues may create challenges in receiving adequate medical care. A comprehensive range of services are available at the Jewish Health Organization to address these issues.

For patients with common medical conditions facing financial difficulties, assistance options may be available. The staff at JHO may be able to provide resources to help pay for medical care. These options can include government insurance plans, prescription discounts from manufacturers and other similar resources. Make sure to let the staff at the Jewish Health Organization know if you need assistance.

High Quality Compassionate Treatment for Pediatric Medical Conditions
Many individuals face numerous barriers when seeking treatment for common medical conditions. The Jewish Health Organization seeks to eliminate these barriers so individuals can focus solely on their health. JHO founders and supporters believe tragedy, suffering and hopelessness can be overcome with empathy, compassion and kindness. Contact the Jewish Health Organization for help with common medical conditions today.
To save one life is to save the world entire – Talmud