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Neurosurgery is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders and conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord and their coverings, the spinal column, and peripheral nerves. The JHO’s network of neurosurgeons includes subspecialists worldwide who are the leading experts in their respective subspecialties.
The JHO determines the precise nature of the neurosurgical pathology requiring treatment and refers patients to the neurosurgical expert uniquely suited to treat the particular problem. For example, a brain tumor located in a particular location may benefit from resection via a novel surgical approach.
We are intimately familiar with neurosurgical pathologies and we understand the nuance involved in selecting a neurosurgeon for each particular patient. Thus, the treatment for each patient is individualized, based on each patient’s unique pathology. The JHO’s network of neurosurgeons work closely with neurologists, Neuro oncologists, radiation oncologists, neuroradiologists, ophthalmologists, and other specialists to provide complex multidisciplinary care.

Some conditions and procedures The Jewish Health Organization (JHO) can address or provide are: