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Jewish Health Organization is coordinating an emergency medical response to the Hamas terror attack in Israel.
Please support and empower Israel’s medical front lines and hospitals to deliver urgent, life-saving medical care.
Phase 1 – Equipment that is needed now

Vital sign monitors and central monitoring systems

Minimum Units:12

Digital mobile radiography units. ​​

Minimum Units:6

Nitric oxide NO gas ventilation systems ​​

Minimum Units:6

Advanced Ultrasound Systems​

Minimum Units:10

Oxygen Saturation Monitors

Minimum Units:40

Video Laryngoscope Systems

Minimum Units:8

ECG Monitors

Minimum Units:20

V.A.C Ulta Therapy Unit

Minimum Units:40

Integrated blood pressure & oxygen level monitors

Minimum Units:60

Defibrillators to administer an electric shock

Minimum Units:25

Optics for emergency rooms. Equipment for laparoscopic operations

Minimum Units:30

Advanced cutting-edge ventilator systems

Minimum Units:40

Advanced Portable CT scanners

Minimum Units:6

Neurological Pupillometers

Minimum Units:16

Ventricular Drainage systems

Minimum Units:200

Intracranial pressure monitors

Minimum Units:200

Advanced Transcranial Dopplers

Minimum Units:8

Advanced Emergency Medical Kits

Minimum Units:15000

Medevac Helicopters Sikorsky S76 C++

Minimum Units:2

Every donation, no matter the size, plays a crucial role in saving lives; no contribution is too small to help save a life.

Donation options

We mourn the lives lost and we pray for the captives and the injured.
Thank you for supporting and standing with Israel during this difficult
and unprecedented time.
May G-d Bless you and your families!

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