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Spinal Cord Tumors and Spine Tumors

Spinal tumors may arise from within the spinal cord, from the nerves attached to the spinal cord, or from the structures surrounding the spinal cord (the dural covering, the vertebral bone). Proper treatment of spinal cord and spine tumors is determined by the exact type of tumor, the tumor’s precise location, and other unique characteristics of the tumor. Treatment may involve surgery, radiation treatment, and rarely, chemotherapy.

The JHO’s network of expert neurosurgeons and complex spinal surgeons reviews every patient’s medical record and radiological studies in granular detail in order to determine the best treatment, which is individualized for every patient. Whether the tumor is an intramedullary spinal cord tumor, an intradural-extramedullary spinal cord tumor, or an extradural spine tumor, the best treatment and surgical approach will be determined, and the patient will be referred to the best surgeon for that particular surgery. Our neurosurgeons and complex spine surgeons utilize complex surgical approaches and techniques, including spinal instrumentation, robotic surgery, computer-assisted intraoperative navigation,microsurgery and intraoperative neuromonitoring. The JHO’s network of expert Radiation Oncologists utilize all available modalities, including conventional fractionated radiation therapy, IMRT, Gamma Knife, Linac and Proton Beam therapy. Every patient is also referred to one of our expert Neuro-Oncologists, ensuring a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment.

The Jewish Health Organization treats many spinal cord tumors and spine tumors, including: