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Pediatric Oncology

Childhood cancers can develop early in a child’s life, even before birth. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 10,500 children in the United States under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2021. The treatment for cancers in children is different than for adults. Children are better able to handle chemotherapy than adults, but may be more affected by radiation therapy. These treatments for this medical condition require ongoing care and may cause long-term side effects.

Dealing with childhood cancers can be traumatic for families. The Jewish Health Organization (JHO) believes that trauma and suffering can be overcome with kindness and empathy. Compassionate pediatric oncology services are available through the Jewish Health Organization for families in need. From diagnosis to recovery, the JHO is with you every step of the way.

JHO Pediatric Oncology Services

The Jewish Health Organization provides a comprehensive range of pediatric oncology services. Patients may receive treatment at no cost from physicians who provide their services on a volunteer basis. Support and advocacy services are available to families that have special needs.
The Jewish Health Organization strives to ease the burdens of treatment so individuals can focus solely on their recovery. Individuals dealing with insurance gaps or lack of coverage may be eligible for financial resources to pay for medical costs. Free food and lodging are available for individuals and their caregivers traveling long distances before treatment. Emotional and spiritual services are offered to help individuals maintain hope and encouragement during treatment and recovery. Make sure to let JHO staff know of any obstacles or burdens you may be experiencing, so we can help you get the best medical care possible.

Quality Pediatric Oncology Assistance

Volunteer physicians cooperating with the Jewish Health Organization work diligently to help eradicate childhood cancers. Some families may find difficulty in accessing quality care for their children. If you need assistance, contact the Jewish Health Organization for pediatric oncology services today.
JHO treats many pediatric oncology disorders, including: