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“To save one life is to save the world entire” – Talmud
The Jewish Health Organization (JHO) is an alliance of compassionate medical professionals dedicated to ensuring access to exceptional medical care for children and adults worldwide who are facing life-threatening illness.
The supporters and founders of the Jewish Health Organization believe that protecting and optimizing the health of human beings is a sacred calling. We seize the opportunity to repair the world with expert and compassionate medical care, as well as empathy and love. The painful and stressful circumstances that are the result of illness can create a wide range of obstacles and challenges toward healing. Rooted in traditional Jewish values, JHO strives to provide support, wholeness, and hope to individuals and families around the world during illness and medical emergencies.
Our Services
How we can help
Second opinions and expert referrals​
JHO opens doors at the most renowned of hospitals. With expert physicians from coast to coast, we provide access to the best diagnostic and therapeutic expertise. ​
Patient advocacy and family support​
JHO is there in the dark when individuals face logistically complex circumstances. We provide patient advocacy with the care team, always acting in the best interest of the patient
Captive Insurance Fund​
JHO’s financial resources enable families to immediately access care while insurance coverage is established. We will not allow financial barriers to slow access to critical diagnosis or treatment.​
If you or a loved one is in a life or death situation when every minute counts, JHO has the logistical resources to get you to a hospital urgently and at no cost.​
JHO’s Harmony Homes are located near many of the leading hospitals in the United States. We create a supportive environment that is comforting, inclusive, and loving.​
Mental Health​
JHO serves as a conduit between patients in need of mental health care and an inspiring community of mental health professionals. With help and love comes hope and healing.​
Preventive Health Initiative​
JHO brings expert medical care into underserved communities worldwide. We partner with existing healthcare networks and also create new resources to improve access to quality healthcare .​
Infertility and reproductive health
JHO has strong relationships with internationally acclaimed experts in the fields of female and male infertility across many medical specialties.​
All of our Harmony Homes have a synagogue, library/study and meditation room. Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat services are held at sundown followed by Shabbat dinner. Shabbat morning Shacharit service is held at 9:30 AM followed by Kiddush Luncheon. Daily morning services are at 7:30 AM.

Children of Abraham

JHO’s Children of Abraham Program is designed to give sick children from Muslim countries access to world-class healthcare, thanks to the full JHO resources and our expert physician network.